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Deflection 1


Drill Preview


- Place the shooters as shown (2 shooters). Have shooter 1 shoot the puck ON THE ICE while shooter 2 screens the goalie and attempts to deflect the puck from the "Go Down Zone".

- The line (arc) drawn in front of the crease (about 1.5 - 2 feet from the crease) is the "Go Down Zone". (i.e. if an opposing player stands in that area in front of him, the goalie should go down in the butterfly on any shots)

- Have the goalie come up directly behind the screener while staying concentrated on the play and puck beyond the screener. It is important that the goalie does not interfere with the screener/deflector (that is the defenseman's job) but rather that he stays focussed on the puck.

Variation: - Have the shooter move around as well as the screener/deflector move in and out of the "Go Down Zone", and have the goalie react accordingly.

Category: Goalie
Tags: Concentrate on Puck, Position & Technique, Go Down Zone, Control Rebounds
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