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  This drill is currently in the trash and scheduled to be deleted soon

1-on-1 Defence Pivot Drill



* F and D inside "referee circle" at centre
* on whistle, F heads around 2 high dots (cones) with puck & speed
* D head forwards around low cone, moves to centre ice cone where he pivots to backward skate
* D meets F racing down far board where it turns into a 1-on-1.

* D must execute pivot at centre cone with precision
* D pick up speed after pivoting to backwards
* F must drive down side board with speed coming off the cone
* D must use angling skills to keep F to the outside

Category: 1 on 1
Tags: 1-on-1 D Pivot Drill, * quick foot speed for D, * pivot control
Posted By: army24 (Used in 127 Plans) Created: 2013-10-16, Last Modified 2013-09-26


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