Quick Transition 3 on 1

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  • Last Modified: 2013-06-03
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Quick Puck Movement , Filling Lanes, Quick Offensive Attack, 3 on 1


1 passes the puck to 2 and drives to the zone, receiving a pass back from 2 and taking a shot. 2 then stops and transitions backwards back up the ice.

As soon as the shot is taken, 3 begins behind the net and picks up a puck, then passes to 1. 4 begins skating up ice in the middle lane as soon as the pass is made to 1. 1 returns the pass to 2, who begins heading up ice and headmans the puck to either 3 or 4 for a 3 on 1 rush.

Notes: Credit - Scott Elliot


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Posted by Reg Dunlop on 09/03/09

player 1 is the defensemen, not 2 as description implies. I would send player 3 as soon as player 2 passes to force D to shoot quickly. Another addition could be having player 2 play rebound and join the rush late.

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