Wing Breakout Swing

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  • Last Modified: 2013-06-03
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Facing the Puck, Breakout Passes, Passing, Pivoting


Player 1 leaves with a puck and passes to Co. Player 1 pivots around the cone being sure to always face the puck. Co gives a return pass to Player 1 as he/she reaches the hash marks. Player 1 pivots forward with the puck and makes a quick pass to Player 2. Player 2 returns the pass to Player 1 as Player 1 rounds the cone for a shot on net.

Notes: Run drill from both sides


Drill Comments

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Posted by salming21 on 01/02/10

You might consider running this drill with P2 closer to the opposite boards so that when returning the pass back P1 for the shot, the 2 players are not in an "I" formation (suicide passing).

Posted by hockeycoachpc on 09/19/11

Consider having a D man down low instead of coach, have D start on opposite side of net, come across, pick up puck then move puck and follow in for a 2-1

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