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  • Last Modified: 2013-06-03
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Wide Drive, Fill the lanes, Oz Entry


Coach inside BL & line up pairs to play catch with the puck from NZ dot back to DZ BL. first whistle pairs play catch with the puck. 2nd whistle player on the boards side receives puck and banks puck into OZ player from middle breeaks hard to pick up boards pass then drives wide around pylon then passes to boards player who is coming across to the high slot. Shoot puck and wide player drive net for possible rebound.
Other end same as above except wide drive then delay away from pressure at pylon pass to high slot drive net for rebound.

Notes: can work it that high slot player conitnues to pull goalie across ice then pass back against the grain to wide drive player.


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Posted by coachrickvaile on 02/23/11

nice little drill to work on passing, wide drive, dleay from pressure, high slot presence drive the net. Have fun Coach Rick Vaile

Posted by medinatom on 01/05/14

Hard to visualize without a diagram

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