3 on 2, Dump & Chase Mix

Drill Diagram


- Fwds waiting behind red line, Ds wait on faceoff circle
- On whistle, Fwds move towards Ds
- Coach decides on passing to one of the Fwd or dumps puck in corner
- Red diagram shows 3 on 2 and movement of players:
- encourage threat-support from Fwds
- Ds apply pressure at top of faceoff circle, forces to sides
- Black diagram shows dump and chase movement of players:
- Ds need to transition quickly keeping sight of Fwd threat
- Ds protect puck from opponent by angling approach in corner
- Far D encourages pass behind net as outlet
- Ds use high boards/glass or open ice to get put out

Tags: - Anticipate play, - Dump and Chase or, - 3 on 2, - Communication, - Quick decisions,