D Tip 2 on 2

Drill Diagram

Animation #1   


F1 passes to D1, D1 moves the puck (D to D) to D2. F1 and F2 cut around the cones and crash the net. D2 hits either forward with a tip pass or shoots on net to give the forwards a rebound. After the play in front is over, forwards continue to drive around the cone. F2 gets a pass from F3. F1 and F2 head up ice against D1 and D2 for a 2 on 2 rush.

Notes: F1 and F2 play the puck in front until the goalie freezes it or the puck goes in the net. Focus on gap control and not leaving the zone too early. You can also have the D skate to the tops of the circles when the Forwards leave to force them to skate toward the play and set a better gap. Can also run drill as a 2v1

Tags: Puck Movement, Crashing the Net, Gap Control, 2 on 2 Rush