3 on 0 - 1 shot / 4 shot

Drill Diagram


- X2 starts with puck - passes to either X1 or X3 - criss cross - and pass to O2 at far end
- X2 - X3 players on wall stop and look for pass from O2 - center X1 tight curl come back through mid lane
- O2 passes to any of the X's (diagram shows pass to X3)
- X1 X2 X3 regroup and attack 3 vs 0
- wide lane drive - shoot in stride - remaining X's drive net look for rebound

Notes: - on 4 shot drill - the player with the puck at the B Line - shoots on Goal and then curls through mid lane
- the other X look for pass from O players and all 3 X's come back (fill all 3 lanes)
- can NOT shoot on goal on unless goalie and player make eye contact - if goalie is not ready the player must take back ice and attack later
- the new attack group from opposite end must read this and play their 4 shot attack accordingly

Tags: tape to tape passing, shooting in stride, drive net - stick down ready for rebounds, attack to score