Tight turns w/ Shot

Drill Diagram


X1 begins with give and go, goes around cones (full 360) while maintaining puck control. Crosses blue line and passes to coach who places puck at hash mark for player quick release on net.

After 5-7 minutes, remove last two cones and move coach to blueline for give and go. Other coach plays defensive role in 1 on 1. after a few cycles, replace defensive coach with player.

Things to look for:

-tight turns around cone keeping puck close to self for control
-cross blue line and nice pass
-quick release on net. no deking, no delay, quick snap or wrist (no slap)

1 on 1:

-encourage attacking player to deke around D or slide puck between legs. If player goes around D, he must be quick to allow time to cut in

Tags: - Give an go to start, , - Tight turns around cones w pucks, - Perform 360 outside and around cones, - Give and go with quick release on net