D Use Net as Block

Drill Diagram


D2 dumps puck for backward skating D1

D get back, shoulder check, to puck
D cut tight to net, pass to Coach
Hustle above ringette line for 2nd puck to other side.

Notes: Other key points:
1. D. Get back with speed.
2. Shoulder check (many times)
3. Make your decision which way you are going to go LONG before you get there, otherwise it's too late.
4. Take a good angle so that you can get puck and go quickly.
5. Try to lure Forechecker in behind net as you come out.
6. Hug the post if you are getting chased behind.
7. Take a quick look up ice for passing outlets.

Tags: D MUST shoulder check OFTEN as he goes back for puck., Must have speed with a good angle to pick up and go without hestitation.