Hard to the Net Protect

Drill Diagram


Very basic easy drill for skating hard to the net for both the puck carrier and the skater without the puck. Player 1 skates hard to pylon staying wide to draw the goalie over, protect puck past coach using body positioning. Once passed the coach pass over to player 2 who is skating hard to the off post for a one timer or tip in or pass back to original passer if goalie cheats over. Ensure that the players are going as hard as possible (keep feet moving at all times) and that player 2 times the play so he gets there at the right time for the puck when it's passed over. High energy skating is a must

-hard skating - keep the legs/feet moving
-puck protection - use good body positioning between puck and checker at the pylon
-pass timing from player to player
-one timer or tip in for shooting skill
-works on goalie pushoffs form post to post

Have FUN,
-Coach Rick

Tags: -Hard to the net, -Off post pass for shot or tip in, -Possible pass back, -Get goalie moving site to side