Defensive Zone Breakout

Drill Diagram


- 5 players assume center ice faceoff positions
- Coaches dumps puck in either corner
- Center F1 (Coach acts as center to start) shadows defense move towards either corner
- Wingers against boards when D has possession of puck (anticipate play turnover)
- Center supports D and covers slot area
- Center anticipates turnover and activates breakout, curls towards either winger
- Opposite winger breaks out of zone and anticipates pass from center/other winger
- Drill stops and puck is fired back into defensive zone
- Repeat
- Add forechecker(s) later on to attack/pressure D

- No goalies required so Goalie Coach can perform Goalie drills during this time

Tags: -Postitional play in defensive zone, -Fwds anticipate pass from D, -D uses back of net if necessary