Corner Battles (7-8 min/group)

Drill Diagram


Move the net approximately 10 feet from the corner, facing the wall. One F and one D begin in the corner. Co throws a puck in and F & D battle for puck posession. F tries to score, D tries to tie the puck up against the boards.

Notes: Players who aren't going should line up as shown with the X's in the diagram. Their job is to help keep the puck in the corner. Co needs to be ready to throw a new puck in if F misses the net, a goal is scored, or the puck clears the area.

Battle for approx. 30 seconds. Penalties should incur pushups. Watch for high-sticking, tripping, and holding specificially.

Tags: -Battling, -Defensive Positioning, -Offense in Small Area, -Pinning/Tieing Puck Up