2 on 2 Puck battle along boards

Drill Diagram


- D1 starts with puck and works with F1 to carry out of zone
- F2 applies pressure to D1 to cough up the puck and tries to score on tilted net also battles against F1
- D2 applies pressure to F1 and works with F2 by feeding him the puck
- F2 can use D2 as outlet
- D1 cannot dump puck out and cannot travel past hash mark
- D2 CAN dump puck in but cannot travel past hash mark
- F1/F2 can float anywhere
- allow for 30-40 second battles before whistling play
- drill ends with goal from F2 or dump out by F1
- next round, attackers/defenders swap
- use both sides of zone to run drill

Tags: - protecting puck from other player, - physical play along boards, - make passes, make yourself open to receiving passes