Agility Skating Circle

Drill Diagram


X is Phase 1

O starts at the top of the circle. Skate forward to faceoff dot. Side crossovers to the right & back to the middle. Forward to the bottom of the circle. Backwards to the middle, then side crossovers to the left & back to the middle then backwards to the top of the circle. Then skate forward to the left around the circle. Pivot and skate backwards at the bottom of the circle around to the top and repeat forward to backwards around the other way. When they get to the top again, go into phase 2. Remember to face the same way at all times (the end boards) while doing each section of the drill.

XX is Phase 2

Skate forward around the inside of the circle to pick up a puck in the corner then skate down the ice through the pylons and shoot on goalie. Run each player through the drill at least 2 times.

Tags: -Skating agility, -Footwork, -Pivots / Transitions, -Puck Handling, -Conditioning