Pepper Drive w/ Low Cycle

Drill Diagram

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1 begins by passing puck to 2 and cutting around the top of the circle. 2 quickly returns the pass to one for a one-timer. 3 drives the net hard for a rebound. 2 then hustles to opposite corner to pick up a puck and heads up the boards with the puck. 3 turns and cuts back around top of circle and picks up a board pass from 2 and looks for 2 in high slot for a shot. After 1 shoots he fills the high slot lane and once 2 comes around top of the circle to high slot 1 goes to front of the net for tip or screen. 2 Stays high after shot or if shot drives him to the net 3 must cover high slot, otherwise 3 drive the net as well.

Tags: -Give & Go, -Driving the Net, -Quick Passes & Shots, -Cycling the Puck