Goalie Clinic Special

Drill Diagram


1. Place 4 goalie nets equal distance apart in any zone on the ice.

2. Have 4 or more shooters placed in front of each net. You can have backup shooters to replace the initial shooters if you wish to involve more players or a team.

3. Have 1 goalie in each net. You can also have backup goalies if you are putting on a goalie clinic or practice.

4. Place a few pucks in the middle with a coach.

5. When the drill begins the coach has the puck and every goalie in each nets needs to be shown how to look through their own goal to find the puck. Each goalie should move to the side of the net from which they have the strongest push from.

6. The shooters should move into positions to be able to receive a pass from the coach in the middle. At the same time as the coach moves to pass the puck to one of the shooters, each goalie must move to either side of their net to continue to cover the post when the puck moves off of center behind his net.

7. Once a shooter receives a puck, each goalie shall rotate appropriately in their net to track the puck. In the beginning the puck should be passed around the perimeter or back thorugh the coach.

8. Once the goalies have the understnading then each shooter receiving the puck shall have the opportunity to shoot on his designated goalie.

9. If he scores and you have backup goalies in place, the backup goalie replaces the goalie who was scored on. If the shooter does not score, any you have backup shooters, then the shooter is replaced. This creates a nice competition between all the goalies and all of the shooters and keeps everyone focused on the drill. A coach may create teams where one teams shooters shoot on another teams goalies and then goal against and or goal for becomes a game within the drill.

Notes: The speed of the movement of the puck is not as critical as to monitoring of the movements of each goalie to each new movement of the puck.

Tags: Goalie Puck Tracking, Non Stop movement of the puck, Shooter puck distribution, Passing cross ice