Progression to Canada Cup

Drill Diagram


2 players setup with a puck in the middle of the rink at each blue line, facing into the attacking zone. All other players in two lines at the face-off dots on opposite sides of the rink at opposite ends. (lines of forwards should be on the opposite side from pucks piles). Puck piles to be setup behind and on one side of each hockey net.

The drill starts with each player setup at the blue lines skating into the zone and shooting on the net, as the player skates over the blue line, player from each line will leave and skate down and around the face-off circle from the middle of the ice, towards the boards. The players will be trying to time out their speed to be at the hash marks with their feet moving.

The player that takes the shot on the net will continue to skate down and around the net to pick up a puck. The player will then skate around and behind the net and look to make a strong breakout pass to the player skating in to be at the hash marks.

After receiving the pass, the player skating around the face-off circle will skate all the way to the other end of the rink and shoot on the net, pick up a puck behind the net and look to make a breakout pass and the pattern continues.

After making the breakout pass, players will get in the closest line.

Tags: Passing, Timing, shooting