3 Line Pass

Drill Diagram


This is a fast moving drill which develops various skills: passing while in motion, skating with a puck, shooting while in motion, and offensive net play.

The drill begins with X 1 skating directly forward (without a puck) and then turning and cutting along the blue line. X 2 skates out from her starting position and delivers a puck in front of X 1. [Leading with the puck is key]. X 1 receives the puck and skates wide down ice and takes a screened shot. The shot is to be taken at the top of the circle. Once X 1 takes the shot, she continues to the net and provides a screen for the next player who is skating down the other side of the ice. Once X 1 completes the screen, she moves to the side-boards and recieves a pass from the Coach. She skates down ice. When she is between the blue lines the Coach will have given her a specific skill task. She continues skating and ends with a wrap-around attempt on the goalie.
The drill progresses to using the RED line; then finishes with the far BLUE line.
Goalies work on making a save through a screen and the wrap-around attempt.

Notes: Players are to alternate lines. Goalies are to change ends after each line progression.

Tags: Passing., Skating., Shooting., Wrap around.