3 on 2 With Breakout

Drill Diagram


One complete line unit (5 players) in 1/2 of the ice;
Defence start just below the blue line facing the forward;
Center and wingers assume offensive positions;
Center passes to D1;
D1 skates backwards with the puck to below the goal line;
D2 skated backwards without the puck to below the goal line;
D1 passes to D2 eihter straight or banked off the boards;
D2 receives the pass and pivots to skating forwards with the puck;
The center follow D2 and curls at the inside hash marks in the ready position to receive a pass;
Both wingers skate forwards to the outside hash marks and stop at the hash marks facing the play;
Both wingers reverse direction in time with the center as he receives the puck from D2;
RW, as he skates forwards, receives a pass from the center and then skates with the puck out of the zone and curls from outside in to the middle with the puck and passes to LW cutting across the ice;
LW, as he skates out of the zone curls from outside in to the middle and receives the pass from the RW;
Center, after he passes to the RW skates out of the zone and curls back in the middle of the ice in time with the RW and LW;
Forwards enter zone together for 3v2 with D1 & D2;
D1 & D2 follow the forwards as they exit the zone;
At the blue line D1 & D2 pivot from forwards to backwards skating and receive the forward line for a 3v2.

Notes: Duration = 15 minutes

Each complete line unit (5 players) should get 5 minutes each with this drill.

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