Breakout (Fast Break)

Drill Diagram


D1 skates to center ice line receives pass from F1, D1 backwards skates to blue line with the puck, pivots at blue line and passes to F1 who is stopped at center ice line waiting for pass.
After receiving pass F1 drive the net and takes shot, after shot finishes by looking for rebound, if none he retreats back through the neutral ice looking for pass from D1.
After making first pass D1 skates to center dot and pivots backwards to blue line and pivots to forwards, he skates to corner and picks up a puck and passes to F1 driving through the middle of the ice.
F1 skates down the ice and shoots on goal, after shot F1 picks up puck and passes to D1 for a one timer, d1 has skated up ice after second pass he has made to perform one timer.