PP Transition to 2 on 1 - Copy 1

Drill Diagram


On whistle F1 skates backwards and do a give a go with F2 after receive pass back, D Man should be walking across ice for pass, F1 fakes pass and drives net and takes shot on goalie, after shot is taken drive net.
After shot is taken F2 grabs a puck and passes to D2 who then passes to D1 for a shot (if possible try one timer, depends on D Man shooting direction).
F2 drives net after pass for deflection and rebound, after shot F1 goes to corner and picks up puck, F2 drives to wall for pass from F1. D1 jumps into play for a 2 on 1 down the ice. After fowards get drill going the extra fowards can skate to corner so ready to start drill again. Both ends go at same time.

Notes: Switch sides so D Man can work on one timers.

Tags: Passing, Power Play Positioning, Timing, Gap Control