2 on 1 Re-Group - Copy 1

Drill Diagram


Coach rims puck, goalie stops it behind the net: D1 backward skates then pivots to retrieves the puck/stops for a second to look at wingers.
D1 steps out on one side and passes to forward (Dman can decide which way to pass)(Maybe through coach in so he has to think).
Forwards start taking puck out of zone and can make pass after crossing blue line, forwards will stay on own sides for this drill, once pass has been made forwards follow up ice.
They then pass to D2 who has jumped up in play and has backwards skated with play, after receiving pass forwards and D2 transition, D2 passes to one of the forwards and they go back for a 2 on 1 situation.
D1 has followed up on play and is defender.
Once D2 has made pass he backwards skates till coach has dumped puck and then pivots to continue drill.