Oil Drill 2 - Copy 1

Drill Diagram


Coach dumps puck into the defensive end and D1 retrieves puck and skates behing net.
F1 skates down to corner and stops waiting for pass, as F2 skates in as support and retrieves pass from F1 and skates up ice. (F1 & F2 will be determined by position of puck)
F2 skates up ice with puck and passes to D2 who skates backwards with puck getting ready to return pass to F1 who will be on the wall. D2 follows up play so he can ingage in a 2 on 1 with fowards.
F1 receives pass and passes to F2 who should be skating with speed through nuetral zone. F1 & F2 go down as a 2 on 1 with D1.
Coach dumps puck into other end and D2 & F3 & F4 continue drill from opposite end.

Tags: Passing, Timing, Heads up, Skating, Gap Control