Breakout Hockey - Circles

Drill Diagram


Location: Half ice, out of both size (players split in half)
Setup: Make a third circle out of cones in neutral ice. Do this on both sides of the rink. Players will line up in the corner. Coaches are intermixed in the line every 3-4 players.
Reps 1 & 2: Pushing only with your outside leg, based on which circle you are on. For this players should be low, two hands on their stick and positioned similar to a hockey stance.
Reps 3 & 4: Cross-overs around the circles. Encourage players to go fast, leaning into the circle. Use one or two hands on stick.
Rep 5 & 6 (time permitting): Transitional circles where you always face down the ice. At the top of the circles you pivot to backwards, and at the bottom back to forwards.

Tags: Outside Push: Hockey stance, two hands on stick, knees bend, leaning forward, full leg extension., Cross-overs: Leaning into circle, going fast, Transition: Head up, looking down ice