U7 - Skating Drills (group)

Drill Diagram


Location: Half ice, starting at the goal line, to centre then back
Setup: All players on the goal line.

#1: Skate forwards from the goal line to centre. Stop when the whistle is blown, always facing the same way. This makes players stop with both legs as the lead.

This can also be done using the lines instead of the whistle: ringette line, blue line and centre (or goal line).

#2: One Leg Gliding.. Skate hard from the goal line, and glide on one leg. Slightly bend the knee and keep your back in a hockey stance posture which will help balance. On the way back, try the other leg, just slightly after the blue line.

#2A: One Leg Gliding. This can be done by alternating each leg lift when you hit each line.

#3: C-cuts. Slightly bend knees, push skates in a hard outward and back inward motion (cut into the ice). This can be done with one foot at a time, both feet, or alternating feet.

#4: T-pushes. The feet are placed in a perpendicular fashion. Players will face one way. The back foot would face the same way as their body. Bend the front knee and put the front foot facing down the ice (T-shape). Push only with the back foot. Repeat with the other leg.

#5: Backwards - players to go in a hockey stance, but the the bottom hand from their stick up at their chest. Bum sticking out, sitting on an invisible chair. Alternate backwards C-Cuts, pushing hard. Do not bend too far forward or stand up straight.

#6: Jump at each line: Skate hard and jump with both feet at the same time.
#6A: Hard progression would be to do a 180 at each line (spin).

#7: Skate hard to the ringette line - slide on your belly and get back up quickly as soon as the player stops sliding.