Drill Diagram


1) P1 skates along goal line to top of crease. shoots
2) P2 after P1 shoots repeats P1 from opposite side
3) P3 leaves after P2 skates to hash marks, cuts straight across to hash mark and shoots
4) P4 leaves after P3 shoots and repeats P3
5) P5 leaves after P4 shoots, skates up to top of circle, turns down and shoots before inside hash mark
6) P6 leaves after P5 Shoots, repeats P5
7) P7 Leaves after P6 Shoots Skates up to Blue line and comes down the middle, shoots before inside hash marks
8) P8 leaves after P7 shoots, repeats P7
9) And start over try to get every skater one chance at each pattern

Notes: Flow again is everything. This works the Goalies well, and also helps shooting. I always make players use their backhand shot on low patterns. I have the higher pattern skaters shoot before the hash marks to learn follow your shot routines

Tags: Goalie side to side, shooting