Wrap, Catch, Go, Shoot

Drill Diagram


P1 takes puck from Blue line and skates hard to Hash mark, wraps puck along boards to P5(P5 skates hard to hash mark opposites side and gets into position to catch wrap around)

P1 skates hard across to P5 and turns up ice and catches touch pass from P5

P5 cuts to middle for one time

P1 turns up ice and shoots from circle area and follows shot.

Notes: There are many benefits to this basic drill.
This will teach players to pick up wrap arounds.
This will teach them to look up and give a quick touch pass after controlling the puck.
Teaches how to do a hard dump for setting up fore checks, or break outs.
I learned through this drill in my clinics, players actually do not always know how to use the boards. Or play a puck off the boards.

Tags: Board wrap passes, picking puck up off of boards, give and go