Positioning stations

Drill Diagram


Forecheck starts with forwards lined up at the blue line facing into the zone, in their positions. 2 D are setup in the zone in D positions. Coach dumps a puck into a corner and the forwards work on 2 men to the puck and the D work on keeping one player in the house while the other attempts to get the puck out of the zone.

For the breakout All 3 forwards in position near the redline and 1 d in the zone. coach will dump a puck in and the forwards will skate into their breakout positions. The D will make a pass out to a forward at the boards and all 3 forwards will skate out of the zone, the player with the puck attempting to make a pass across the ice as they are leaving. All 3 players will re group at centre ice and then attack 3 on 1.

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