Skating, Transitions and Puck Control Warm Up

Drill Diagram


This drill runs quickly and will allow time to evaluate edges, transitions, puck control and wrist shots.

Players will be lined up in two lines (one in each corner that contains pucks). On the whistle, 1 player leaves each line and skates through the zig zag pattern of cones. Drill starts with no pucks and the progression goes: forward, forward to backward (at the inside cones), forward with pucks, forward to backward with pucks.

KEP's(Key Execution Points)
Ryan and Anson - pucks put in opposite corners close to the boards
Rob and Tim - cones placed up the ice on either side in a zig zag pattern.
Ryan and and Anson to demonstrate at either then stay to control each line and keep the boys from touching the pucks until they are instructed.

Rob and Tim - at opposite ends of the rink in the inside hash marks. Ensure the boys are shooting from the hash marks or beyond (no tuck in shots).

KTP's (Key Teaching Points) - With or without the puck, sticks should be on the ice leading through turns, keep feet moving through each transition, start turn with the inside foot, strong wrist shot no closer than the hash marks and keep moving toward the net

Tags: Skating, puck control, shooting