Calgary 2 on 1

Drill Diagram


There are 3 phases to the drill - Black then Green then Red
Coach starts with pass to D1
D1 skates backward with puck, then does escape move.
F1 & F2 cross and support D1 with both in good position for pass from D1.
D1 makes pass to either F1 or F2. D1 to practice using deception - look to one F, then pass to the other.
F1 and F2 try and make one pass in NZ, then pass down to D2.
Regroup again on D2 then attach 2v1 against D1. D1 has gapped-up for the 2 on 1.
D2 follows up to centre ice, then coach passes puck to D2, and the drill repeats with D2, F3, F4 from the other side.

Notes: Drill should flow smoothly with coach passing puck to the next D immediately after the 2v1 passes center ice. Forwards need to make sure they properly support their D, and not take off up ice so that they are looking back over their shoulder for the pass.

Tags: Support D, Skating, Passing, Deception