On your Feet On your Belly On your Back

Drill Diagram


This drill is a listen and follow direction drill that helps build endurance while getting the heart rate up and getting the kids all warmed up...... Great drill to use when you need time to get things set up for the next part of practice.....

You give them 3 commands "ON YOUR FEET" "ON YOUR BACK" "ON YOUR BELLY" in any order and go fast then slow mix it up you can also use "PUSH UP POSITION" "FEET IN THE AIR" You can use anything to make them have to think about it....
It is like Simon says......

"ON YOUR FEET": Standing
"ON YOUR BACK": Laying on back
"ON YOUR BELLY": Laying on belly
"PUSH UP POSITION": Just as it says
"FEET IN THE AIR": Laying on back feet held in the AIR 6" of the ground
"FLUTTER KICKS": Laying on back moving legs up and down like walking