Goalie Follow the Puck

Drill Diagram


Line up players across the mid defensive zone or on most rinks the ringette line. Coaches or players have pucks in each corner. The coach then handles the puck int he corner while goalie watches the puck. Then a cross ice pass to the player who receives the pass then shoots on the goalie keep going cross ice until middle guys have shot then start over. Alternate sides for the goalie to use both post for push off. can also be done at the blue line as well as in tight for one timers.

Opposite end will do the corner shooting drill - be careful to use your backhand when you are on the offhand side. Take the first shot then proceed to the other corner and pick up new puck circle around the other way and shoot.

Notes: Goalie needs to follow the puck properly to promote good puck vision skills.

Tags: -Goalie Positioning, -Pass Receiving, -Shooting, -Puck Handling