2 on 1 with back check

Drill Diagram


2 on 1 full ice rush with a back checker.
Shot is taken from the high slot.
New 2 on 1 starts with shot is made, and the shooter becomes back checker. The other forward drives to the net.
Forwards need to try to make a couple passes while heading up ice.
A new D steps in to cover the return rush.
Play is continuous.

Notes: Play is continuous. Coaches will be watching for clean passes, and communication. Also watch for offsides. Pucks are in opposite corners so players on each side get a chance to start out with the puck. If players go to the corner they end the previous drill at they will also be switching hands going down ice forcing them to make and receive passes on the backhand. I still can't spell ... who knew backchecker wasn't one word?

Tags: Back checking, Communication