Basic Breakout Passes

Drill Diagram


Line of D-man at the ringette line with three lines at the blue line. one d-man at a time swings behind the net and passes (1) to the Left winger who comes down to the hash makrs. Left winger proceeds up ice and passes to the Coach who then returns the pass as the left winger skates down ice to shoot on the goalie. Same D-man then swings around again and passes (2) to the Centerman, Centerman does same as Left Winger. Same D-man swings around the opposite way and passes (3) to the right winger. Right winger proceeds as the others did. Same D-man then swings around one last time and proceeds to rush the puck up ice, pass to the coach and receive the pass back then goes and shoots. Repeat with the next set of players as needed.

Notes: You can have a goalie at both ends - one to follow the D-man and one to stop shots or have both Goalies at the shooting end.

Progression would be to send two forwards at a time for a 2 on 0 working up to 3 forwards at a time for a 3 on 0. Weak side winger can be set up for the stretch pass for older ages.

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