Stations 1

Drill Diagram


Station 1: 3 man breakout. adding the center to what we have been doing and turning it into a 2 on 1 with a possibility of a 2 on 1 with back checker

Station 2:Passing scoring game 30-45 seconds at a time one team passes through tires other passes through cones object is to get man to man coverage with passing on the move losing team does 10 push-ups

Station 3: Stick handling shooting drill, alternating sides players race to goal line picking up a puck proceeds through cones then makes pass to next guy in line he skates to the tires and makes a shot from there no deeking shoots then begins drill all over again after shooting

Station 4: Player support 1v1 2v1 2v2 and then it able 3v2 starts off 1v1 with a pass to there teammate it becomes 2v1 and so on from there min of 2 passes before attempting to score spreading the teams out to give players the options for passing.