Defensive Puck Battle

Drill Diagram


Start in the corner - one player skates cross ice diagonally, half way across, player passes the puck to coach or player, then continues on to battle for the puck (coming in from defensive side of puck). Take the puck away and continue on to the other side. Repeat with each coach then once player gets to the last coach/player, continue on to shoot on the goalie.

Notes: -Make sure they use good body positioning
-ensure players are on defensive side of the puck. do not let players skate past the puck and coach
-have player get in tight then lift stick quickly in the up and down motion so hooking is not called
-tape to tape passes while skating hard
-coach/player makte it a challenge for the player while battling for the puck - change puck placement to mix it up

Tags: -Passing, -Defensive Side of Puck, -Body Positioning While Fighting for Puck