Headman the Puck

Drill Diagram


Player 1 starts in the corner, cariies puck around outside of pylon. As soon as player 1 gets around the pylon, player 2 starts by skating around the defensive side of the pylon, calls for a pass, and player 1 passes up and continues to the next pylon for their next pass from the start. Player 3 starts skating as soon as player 2 receives pass from player 1, then skates around defensive side of the pylon and calls for the pass from player 2 - then continues on for a shot on net. Each player moves to the next pylon in the drill to receive the pass coming up. High speed skating and timing is a must. Start the of the drill needs to make sure player 2 spot is good to go as they get faster the drill timing will get better. Stay patient

Have FUN,
Coach Rick Viale

Tags: -Quick headman pass, -Timing of passing, -Pass receiving, -Shooting