Re-group drill

Drill Diagram


Forwards lined up in 2 lines at opposite sides of the ice where the blue line meets the boards. Both lines should be facing centre ice and have pucks. Setup 2 defenseman in position at each blue line.

F1 and F2 will start the drill by making a pass to the defenseman that faces them at the opposite blue line. F1 and F2 will immediatley skate down and across the neutral zone. As F1 and F2 are skating, the 2 defense pairs will execute a D to D pass. Once the other defenseman receives this pass they will attempt a quick pass to the forward who should be skating low and timing out their route to be close to the face-off dot in the neutral zone. We want a quick touch pass if possible.

After the kids are comfortable with the patter, we will add a second forward. This forward will leave with F1 or F2 but go a bit lower and closer to centre ice, this forward will receive a pass from F1 or F2 as they head up ice.

Tags: Re-grouping, timing and passing