1v1 Gap Control

Drill Diagram


2 lines of Defense in opposite corners. 2 lines of forwards against the side boards in the neutral zone at the red line. On the whistle, first defense-man in each line skates inside-out, forward to the top of the face-off circle-backwards back to the bottom of the circle, and pivots to pick up a puck behind the net. Meanwhile, first forward in each line skates a tight figure 8 in the neutral zone, followed by skating in to their respective zone funneling towards the middle of the ice, and pivoting towards the boards to receive a breakout pass. The 2 forwards receive a pass from their respective defense-man and skate down the ice staying o their half of the ice. After making the breakout pass, each defense-man has to skate beyond their blue line, transitioning around a cone (if needed) and plays the 1 on 1 with the forward skating towards her from the other end.

Tags: 1v1 Tactics, Skating, Passing/Recieving