Glove Tag

Drill Diagram


1. This drill is done between blue line and goal line.
2. Players put sticks in the corner.
3. Players gather in between face-off circles.
4. At go, coaches move around and toss, slide or throw gloves in direction of players attempting to 'tag' them.
5. When player is 'tagged', player moves behind the goal line and watches.
6. Drill ends with one winner.

Notes: 1. If you do not want players to be stationary after being 'tagged', have 'tagged' players raise hand and can be allowed back in the game if tapped by another player.

2. The younger the players, the more the coaches need to 'chase' the players.

3. Some tricks include throwing the glove high in the air, sliding glove so player needs to step over or change direction.

4. Players keep all equipment on, especially gloves.

Tags: This is a fun Mite/Squirt drill for warm-up or cool down. The key is to keep the players moving and make it fun. Helps players with turns, change of direction and heads up skating.