Cross Over & Gap Control

Drill Diagram


Co in the corner. F starts in corner with D starting at the hash marks. F skate aroun top of circle while D stakes Backwards mirroring the F kepping Gap control proper. C passes puck to F at the top of the circle F then cont. on to shoot on G, the proceeds to circle around the opposite circle. C passes to F at the top of circle the F shoots again . Then the F breaks to the far boards and receives a wrap around pass from C. Receive pass with stick on the wall facing awya form defender to protect the puck. After receiving pass continue on with a 1 on 1. While the F is doing his crossovers around the cirlce the D is to mirror his path with backwards skating then transition pivot forward to keep gap proper. After the F takes the 2nd shot the D becomes part of the 1 on 1 to the other end. Drill can be run from both ends.

Tags: -Quick Crossovers, -Shooting While Moving, -Gap Control, -Transitions