Stations 3

Drill Diagram


Station 1- (3 on 2)*Red Player takes off with back checker X right behind him.*Green Player picks puck in corner then drives net with pass or back door. *Blue Player drives wide around net to achieve Backdoor position. X on defense goes around cone then goes to front of net to protect the net.

Station 2- Stick handling W/White Pucks

Station 3- 2 on 1 Inside the circle D has stick up side down.

Station 4- 1 on 1 Puck Control along the wall object is to start in the middle and work to one cone or the other one while staying along the wall moving the puck with your feet.

Station 5- 2 Line passing and shooting. snap shot one timers to slap shot one timers.... 2nd guy in line makes pass to first guy in the other line 3 shots then rotate.