3 on 2 Support Drills

Drill Diagram

Animation #1   


Forwards and defensemen starts drills simutaneuously at opposite ends.

F1 starts drill at one end, walksin for shot, goes to corner, F2 then takes a give and go pass from F1 and shootson goal, then goes to far corner, F3 then passes to F1 , F1 passes behind net toF2 , F2 passes to F3 in slot for shot. Coach then give a pass to one ofthe three forwards and they attack D1 and D2 on 3 on 2.

D1 takes pass from coach, pass across to D2 who shoots on goal, coach then wide rims puck around, D2 attempts to keep it inside the blueline passes to D1 for shot on net, then D1 and D2 face F1,2,3 for 3 on 2 .

Tags: -Shooting, -Defensive Support, -Transition Play, -3 on 2