Power Play Breakout - 2-Man Same Side

Drill Diagram


D1 has puck F1 curls deep to the side that is opposite of the other d in corner while F2 is at the 1st blue line and F3 is up at the far Bue line. F2 times the cross ice skate to recieve a pass at mid ice then gives back to F1 who then passes to F3 wthimi es the cross ice skate to get puck in open lane. F3 procedes into the offensive zone to set it up with F1 going to the slot & F2 giving high puck support along the boards for F3. D1 and D2 follow up the ice with a good gap control to have them in the play.

Options- D1 can use D2 then up to F2 over to F1 instead of a cross ice skate for F2.

F3 can enter zone and delay having F2 going low for puck support with F3 looking fo D1 high support or D2 high support in the middle.

Tags: -Timing, -Quick Puck Movement