Breakout with 3 on 2

Drill Diagram


- X1 dumps puck in corner
- D2 picks up puck, D1 covers the front of net
- X1 goes to far side against boards, X2 follows but curls in at faceoff circle and X3 curls in slot and heads down center ice
- D2 skates behind net and feeds X1 or X2 which initiates breakout and 3 on 2
- D3 and D4 to meet Xs at neutral area for 3 on 2
- Xs put pressure in offensive zone and penetrates wide (protect puck).
- Either Xs follow puck carrier in support role other goes in high slot
- Shot on goal or D intercept play
- Repeat with other Xs and alternate Ds after 2-3 attemps
- Alternate goalies at other end

Tags: - Dump in, - Passing/head-up, - 3 on 2, - Encourage Threat/Support