Drill Diagram


O1 & O2 stand in front of net, opposite side, opposite corners start the drill on whistle, drill is continuous after it is started.
X1 skates down ice with puck as he comes to blueline passes to X2 in corner, X1 continues to hash marks of face off dot and comes to a stop, X2 after receiving pass drives out around face off dot and returns pass to X1.
X1 skates down ice and takes shot on goalie from top of circle and drives to front of net, X1 stays at net till next shooter comes down from other side.
After X2 passes to X1, X2 drives around circle and receives a pass from X3 who has skated to middle of ice at the same time.
X2 skates down ice and continues drill with X4 at opposite end.

Notes: Drill done at a fast tempo.

Tags: Passing, Shooting, Puck Control, Net Drive, Timing, Rebound Control,