D Work

Drill Diagram


Station 1.

2 D in position at the hash marks, coach dumps a puck into the corner, 1 d picks up the puck in the corner, other d skates back in support position across the ice, D passes or bank passes the puck behind the net to their d partner and the D receiving the pass look to make a quick breakout pass to a forward on the has marks.
Forwards in this drill line up close to centre ice at the blue line and just skate in 1 at a time and hit the hash marks for the breakout pass and then skate out and get back in line.

Double Angle drill - two lines of forwards with one d in the zone, D skates up to 1 line at a time and as they transition backwards, the forward will attack with the puck, defenseman attempts to angle the forward to the outside, forward tries to drive wide and shoot.

Tags: Defensive positioning,angling and using your d partner in the breakout