Bear Cage

Drill Diagram


2 players start in a face-off circle. 2 in one end of the ice, 2 other on the opposite side of the rink, at the opposite end. Cones separate the ice into 2 sides and players are instructed to not cross the cones.

2 players in the circle will have a puck put into them. They will play keep away and battle for the puck (not being allowed to leave the circle), when a whistle is blown the player with control of the puck will break up ice to get a shot on the far net, the player without the puck will continue to try to win the puck back or prevent the other player from scoring.

When the whistle is blown and the players break up the ice, the next two players get into each circle and a coach puts a puck in.

Anson and Ryan - Pucks back in opposite corners and prepare to demonstrate.
Tim - Cones up the Centre of the Ice
Rob - Water break - assist players with water and organize in two groups.

KTP's - Battle hard, stay low and use your body to protect the puck, pay attention and be ready (this drill moves fast), two hands on your stick.

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