3 Lanes of Dynamite

Drill Diagram


- Even number of player at each station to start the drill.
- Goalies at all 3 nets.

#1 Bottom Left Corner:
- players stay between boards and row of pylons.
- plenty of different skills to choose from here (heel steer, one-foot hop over the lines, two-foot hop over the lines, eyes closed stickhandling, different puck handling exercises, etc.)
- when they reach the far blueline they attack the net for a shot.
- after the shot, the player skates backwards along the face-off dots doing another skill (backwards skating with puck, backwards cross-unders, backward-to-forward transitions from blue to red, etc).
- as soon as they reach the far end they skate forwards behinds the net and enter the back of the line of lane 2.

#2 Top Left Corner:
- weave through the pylons and attack the net at the far end.
- after shooting, go to the back of the line of lane 3.

#3 Middle:
- player straddles the pylons and stickhandles quickly while in a heel-steer.
- take a shot on net and then go to back of line in lane 1.

Notes: The idea of this drill is to engage every player on the ice at the same time while utilizing 3+ goalies.

This drill can be done with 4 nets and 4 goalies simply by adding a net after the player skates backwards along the dots (see #1).

Switch up the skills at each lane after 1-2 minutes. Lane 2 can be incorporated in to a backward weave, forward-to-backward transition, lateral cross-overs, two-man passing, etc. Be creative and use lots of different skills to progress the drill.

Tags: - 3 nets., - Lots of puck handling and skating., - constant player movement